Ok so I figured after working at Facebook I should add some ways for people to leave comments and have discussions on my posts.

It’s pretty well explained on the facebook comments plugin page

You first need to setup an app/dev account on developers.facebook.com - it’s a bit confusing there on what to select… Pick an “app”, turn it on, and get the id.

ps: At first I didn’t notice the “You can specify either fb:app_id or fb:admins, but not both.” don’t be like me, pay attention :)

I had problems getting the “Moderation tool” link to show up consistently (it showed on the about page but not on the first blog post), removing the data-href= part of the code seems to have fixed it (that or some other weird caching/change)

Speaking of caching… I’m having issue with my combo Amazon cloudfront fronting github pages… I did that setup because I wanted to use https (it’s 2017 after all) and the TLS termination / certificate management seems ok on Amazon but my setup may not be great.